About Allinon
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About Allinon



Established in 2002, Allinon Advance Technology Sdn Bhd is a penang-based company that provides specialized expertise in the design and construction of cleanrooms and laboratories to a wide range of customers from small medium industry (SMI) companies to multimedia corporations,managing the project from initial design to completion. We offer sophisticated turnkey solutions that are customized according to our client’s individual needs, budget allocation and industry specifications, providing our customers with a single-source responsibility in project control and management. Apart from the above, we also offers a wide range of cleanroom and ESD prooducts to meet our customer’s daily operational needs.

Since our inception, we have conscientiously built our reputation on being a 1-stop service provide by furnishing our customers with unrivalled service alongside cleanroom designs that are modern, realiable and functional while offering a low cost of ownership. Furthermore, our years of skillful experience and knowledge have enabled us to cater to engineering works such as air conditioning and mechanical ventilation system, process and piping installation, acoustic room system design and installation as well as facilities management systems. To date, we have collaborated with a wide array of customers in industries that include, but are not limited to, semiconductor, electronic and electrical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, food and Research and Development laboratories.

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